Saturday, March 27, 2010


So my beloved has expressed a desire to design the wedding invitations himself. You see, he has a "vision" of the wedding - God bless him, because I don't. Said vision is "macabre elegance." I fully anticipate a lovely design including skeletons. Something along the lines of Edward Gorey, which is fine by me. If the wedding was in June it would be a bit weird, but since we'll wed in October, I say go for it.

As I am the more practical, I have once again turned to the trusty Internet to find an at-home paper printing source. I found this the other day and, once again, am profoundly humbled by the creativity of some people.

Aren't these simply beautiful? I'm in awe. I'd like to say I'm inspired, but really I'm intimidated.

The selection looks fantastic and it sure beats the quote I got from a local stationery store:
$285 for 75 invitations (flat printed w/return address on envelopes)
$80-152 for envelopes
$145 for 2-sided reply postcard

I will do my damndest to support small business for this event, but these people are high if they think I'm going to spend over $500 on paper products with I design I came up with myself.

Well, that's all I have to offer this evening. I just spent several hours preparing for a mid-term for my Quantitative Research Methodology class. I need a cocktail...

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