Saturday, August 28, 2010


Here's the thing: I am my father's daughter. What I mean is that I weep at virtually everything. My dad gives a speech and there isn't a dry eye within a 5 mile radius. So, when it comes to the father/daughter dance, we could be in big trouble.

So far, we have kicked around the following:

The Garden Song (very sweet, but as my mother aptly pointed out, "What does that have to do with a wedding?" - totally reminds me of Free to be You and Me...awesome)

Daughter of Mine (Irish tune, guaranteed to make me weep uncontrollably)

Father and Daughter (a kicky little Paul Simon tune I have always liked, but also a weeper)

This could be harder than I imagined. Who would have thought such a sarcastic chick would be such a sensitive mush...

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Although, we did just get word back from the caterers that there is a distinct possibility that I will have soup shooters as an hor d'oevre.

I love soup and on a fall evening it is heavenly.


This weekend I am up to my eyeballs in glue. 80 invitations that must be glued together: mattes, pocketfolds, inserts.

I am sniffing glue.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Funk

I confess: I was in a bit of a funk this week. The wedding is starting to feel oppressive and I am disappointed in myself for allowing it to affect me.

Yes, I loved Cards & Pockets, until I learned that the invitation inserts wouldn't print (too narrow for the printer). I loved my dress, until I recalled that I can't lift my arms in it. I loved the cool idea we had for our first dance, until I realized how much work it would entail.

Yup, just a funk. Today I feel better, but am reassessing the entire event. People say it should be fun, so I am going to start doing things that I want and stop obsessing (a major character flaw):

  1. The enclosures ended up printing fine on an alternate printer
  2. I will change into jeans and/or fun pajamas after the cake cutting, so I can be comfortable and dance
  3. I have a back-up song in mind for the first dance that cracks us up - our guests won't 'get it,' but that's okay

My mantra: I am a lazy bride.

Our goal: It's just our chance to throw a kick-a$$ party

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cards & Pockets

I have mentioned them before, but I wanted to give special props to Cards & Pockets.

I called the other day because I am a little apprehensive about our time line and was assured by the super-casual, yet learned, representative that turnaround time is 1-3 days! We purchased a color swatch deck and the colors are so gorgeous we had a difficult time deciding.

Of course, we have not yet placed our final order, but if the invitations turn out anything like I imagine they will (and with such great service) you can bet I'll be incorporating more of their products into the wedding, not to mention future events!

Tuna Tartar

We went and visited our new events planner at the Zoo, Katherine, and she's kind of Midwest dreamy. She was very laid back and everything she suggested was pretty darn exciting. Tuna tartar on little rice crackers and wasabi: YES! Leftover Leffe from a previous event set aside for us: YES! Butternut squash ravioli appetizer: YES! Chocolate linen: YES! She got us and frequently said things that were even more pleasing, such as, "I won't charge you extra for that." Katherine: YES!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The dress fits!

I have tried on the dress and it fits. It is figure flattering, too. The lace is far prettier than I imagined. In fact, the fabric all around is just beautiful and it is very sturdily constructed. And the best part? I didn't have to set one foot in a bridal salon. God bless Dolly Couture.

I confess that I did not react the way that I am "supposed" to react. My first instinct was that it looked like a costume, which essentially it is: I am playing the role of the bride. Every now and then I feel the hot breath of society on my neck, pressuring me to behave in ways in which I am not programmed. Television shows and magazines are truly warping reality - was I supposed to see my wedding dress and begin to weep? Didn't happen. Was I supposed to daydream about how people will react when they see it? Didn't happen (although I admit that I heard my mother's voice in the back of my mind opining that it wasn't at all what she thought I would pick). In truth, I kept thinking about when I worked at Connecticut Rep doing "Pirates of Penzance" and had a costume built for me - it felt the same way, only that the fabric and design were much more elegant.

Being tomboy-ish, I admit that I will likely change into jeans midway through the reception. It is my party, dammit, and I want to have a good time! I will never last 8+ hours in a dress, pumps, makeup and hair.