Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The dress fits!

I have tried on the dress and it fits. It is figure flattering, too. The lace is far prettier than I imagined. In fact, the fabric all around is just beautiful and it is very sturdily constructed. And the best part? I didn't have to set one foot in a bridal salon. God bless Dolly Couture.

I confess that I did not react the way that I am "supposed" to react. My first instinct was that it looked like a costume, which essentially it is: I am playing the role of the bride. Every now and then I feel the hot breath of society on my neck, pressuring me to behave in ways in which I am not programmed. Television shows and magazines are truly warping reality - was I supposed to see my wedding dress and begin to weep? Didn't happen. Was I supposed to daydream about how people will react when they see it? Didn't happen (although I admit that I heard my mother's voice in the back of my mind opining that it wasn't at all what she thought I would pick). In truth, I kept thinking about when I worked at Connecticut Rep doing "Pirates of Penzance" and had a costume built for me - it felt the same way, only that the fabric and design were much more elegant.

Being tomboy-ish, I admit that I will likely change into jeans midway through the reception. It is my party, dammit, and I want to have a good time! I will never last 8+ hours in a dress, pumps, makeup and hair.

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