Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My dress has arrived!

...and, no, I haven't tried it on yet.

There is a stomach bug going around my office. I'm lucky number 3. So, instead of having the "trying on the dress wine fest" last night, I came home and ate bland chicken. Today I'm not faring any better. So, Carol, Boots and I will have the aforementioned fest on Monday once I've had the chance to recuperate and Carol gets back from a business trip. In the meantime, she tells me she'll wear the dress around the apartment cleaning and such, just to break it in for me. So kind.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My dress has shipped!

Unbelievable! I just checked my email and my wedding dress has shipped already! It has been a mere 7 weeks since I placed my order.

Confession time: I celebrate no fewer than 11 birthdays in the month of July (seriously, I know October is chilly, but did EVERY couple need to jump in the sack to warm up? I mean, make some tea, thrown on a sweater, sit in a sauna!), so I have been eating and drinking far more than usual. And my standard intake of beer easily exceeds that of a normal human, who are we kidding?

I'm nervous. Really nervous. I don't know if I can pull off an honest-to-God real dress. What if I look fat? What if it doesn't button? What if I don't like it?

I'll go pour myself a drink to calm down. Luckily, I'll have my Maid of Honor, Boots, and my fabulous colleague and friend, Carol, there when I try it on. Carol can order wine from the liquor store around the corner and they deliver it. Score one for Manhattan.

I Do Foundation smackdown. Winner: Emmaus House

Okay. Being half hippie, I was researching a way to make my registries profitable for those less fortunate then myself and my fiance; after all, we have lived together for 13 years: if we don't have it, we likely don't need it. Thus, our mindset is that we should spread our good fortune and what better way than through the generosity of our family and friends?

I recognize, however, that some or our brethren may find this disconcerting; therefore, we have taken stock of our smallish NYC apartment (790 square feet) and have created a list of items that are in dire need of replacing (e.g., our poor blender whose base has been cracked for 2 months, the 4-year-old sheets that are paper thin, the colander that has melted on the left-hand side, etc.).

So, in our effort to "do good" for this event that will cost more that the down payment for our aforementioned smallish NYC apartment, I did a little online research and came across the "I Do Foundation." Although it does not get the strongest review from the Better Business Bureau, I decided to register with them anyway.

The premise is that they partner with popular retailers and a percentage of the base value of registry items are donated to charities of our choosing. Simple? Not as much as I had hoped. First, Bed Bath and Beyond is not a partner organization. What?! They are the holy grail of wedding registries! Second, higher-end stores (e.g. Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, etc.) can only be accessed if one registers first with WeddingChannel.com. This boils down to registering to a minimum of 3 sites just to get some stupid sheets and a 3% donation (i.e., $30) to Global Fund for Women. I think I'll just write a check.

In their defense, I easily linked a Target registry (which, frankly, I set up solely for one item for which I have been pining for months) and then decided that I would direct my more philanthropic guests to Emmaus House in Albany, NY, which is NOT a non 501(c)3, but is near and dear to my heart.

Taking the tenets of Emmaus House to heart, I have been reminded of something today: a charitable organization DOES NOT have to be tax exempt to do good and that most times simplicity is at your fingertips, if you are willing to reach out and grab it.

For more information on Emmaus House, or (better still!) to donate, please visit:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Zazzle Stamps

Wow, I have been remiss in posting - probably because I am actually busy planning! I found out, however, that a few of my guests are actually reading this blog, so I apologize for the lapse.

Okay - fun item today: Stamps! Through Zazzle, I was able to purchase (and, in some instances, customize) fun skeleton-themed stamps. There were so many fabulous images that I ended up buying 5 different designs.

The invitation is going well. We opted to design our own and are pleased with how it looks onscreen, but have run into challenges when it prints. Our adjustments thus far have proved promising, but there are a few more hurdles to jump before we declare them finished. We are excited about them, so I am not posting an image until after our guests receive them - sorry, no sneak peek on this one!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sal & Dom's Pastry Shop

Passing on the estimated $850 bill from the Pink Cake Box, we are opting to stay local.

After doing a quick Internet search, and receiving a glowing recommendation from a former bride and local Bronxian, I contacted Sal & Dom's Pastry Shop. They are as sweet as their name implies and are willing to meet with us to discuss a Halloween-themed non-traditional wedding cake.

Check out their adorable seasonal cakes (hover over the holiday for a snapshot).

Too cute!