Monday, July 19, 2010

Zazzle Stamps

Wow, I have been remiss in posting - probably because I am actually busy planning! I found out, however, that a few of my guests are actually reading this blog, so I apologize for the lapse.

Okay - fun item today: Stamps! Through Zazzle, I was able to purchase (and, in some instances, customize) fun skeleton-themed stamps. There were so many fabulous images that I ended up buying 5 different designs.

The invitation is going well. We opted to design our own and are pleased with how it looks onscreen, but have run into challenges when it prints. Our adjustments thus far have proved promising, but there are a few more hurdles to jump before we declare them finished. We are excited about them, so I am not posting an image until after our guests receive them - sorry, no sneak peek on this one!

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