Saturday, April 24, 2010

HSM and the La Quinta

I've been distracted lately. I just finished a term paper and project for my Media Analysis class and today I've moved on to my group project on the Heuristic-Systematic Model for my Quantitative Research Methods class. It's as exciting as it sounds.

Each semester I face a project that I swear I won't have the wherewithal to finish, but I do. May I find the strength to push through the next 4 weeks until graduation. We'll see.

Last weekend we visited one of the only hotels in our neighborhood - the La Quinta Inn. You know, I was pleasantly surprised - the staff was nice, the rooms were clean (and cozy - it is New York City), and it's close to our apartment. So, it looks like we'll book a block of rooms and solidify the rehearsal dinner space.

It's all coming together. Now if I could only find someone to write my final paper and take my final exam for me. Any takers? Yeah, I thought not.

Email 'Save the Date' goes out tomorrow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smokey Drinks!

We went to the Zoo on Monday to further discuss the wedding plans. We met Kiera who managed to rock my world with four little words: "Boo at the Zoo."

Since we go to the Zoo every April, I had no idea that they deck the joint out each October in honor of Halloween. We are now in discussion to (*spoiler alert for those invited*) have a private tour of the haunted mansion replete with a smokey drink of our choice.

Things are getting interesting...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Google is kind of awesome

So, in addition to this blog, I have also created a wedding website today using Google's free tools. How righteous is that?

Here's the link - start contributing to the massive overload on the Internet: