Saturday, April 24, 2010

HSM and the La Quinta

I've been distracted lately. I just finished a term paper and project for my Media Analysis class and today I've moved on to my group project on the Heuristic-Systematic Model for my Quantitative Research Methods class. It's as exciting as it sounds.

Each semester I face a project that I swear I won't have the wherewithal to finish, but I do. May I find the strength to push through the next 4 weeks until graduation. We'll see.

Last weekend we visited one of the only hotels in our neighborhood - the La Quinta Inn. You know, I was pleasantly surprised - the staff was nice, the rooms were clean (and cozy - it is New York City), and it's close to our apartment. So, it looks like we'll book a block of rooms and solidify the rehearsal dinner space.

It's all coming together. Now if I could only find someone to write my final paper and take my final exam for me. Any takers? Yeah, I thought not.

Email 'Save the Date' goes out tomorrow.

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