Friday, August 13, 2010

A Funk

I confess: I was in a bit of a funk this week. The wedding is starting to feel oppressive and I am disappointed in myself for allowing it to affect me.

Yes, I loved Cards & Pockets, until I learned that the invitation inserts wouldn't print (too narrow for the printer). I loved my dress, until I recalled that I can't lift my arms in it. I loved the cool idea we had for our first dance, until I realized how much work it would entail.

Yup, just a funk. Today I feel better, but am reassessing the entire event. People say it should be fun, so I am going to start doing things that I want and stop obsessing (a major character flaw):

  1. The enclosures ended up printing fine on an alternate printer
  2. I will change into jeans and/or fun pajamas after the cake cutting, so I can be comfortable and dance
  3. I have a back-up song in mind for the first dance that cracks us up - our guests won't 'get it,' but that's okay

My mantra: I am a lazy bride.

Our goal: It's just our chance to throw a kick-a$$ party

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