Saturday, August 28, 2010


Here's the thing: I am my father's daughter. What I mean is that I weep at virtually everything. My dad gives a speech and there isn't a dry eye within a 5 mile radius. So, when it comes to the father/daughter dance, we could be in big trouble.

So far, we have kicked around the following:

The Garden Song (very sweet, but as my mother aptly pointed out, "What does that have to do with a wedding?" - totally reminds me of Free to be You and Me...awesome)

Daughter of Mine (Irish tune, guaranteed to make me weep uncontrollably)

Father and Daughter (a kicky little Paul Simon tune I have always liked, but also a weeper)

This could be harder than I imagined. Who would have thought such a sarcastic chick would be such a sensitive mush...

1 comment:

  1. It's perfectly okay to cry. Underneath that sarcastic exterior lies a caring, sensitive woman. Celebrate your layers.