Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Bronx Zoo

Yesterday we drove to Poughkeepsie to collect the wedding presents my parents were kind enough to accept on our behalf (ah, the plight of those who live in NYC sans doorman).

En route we passed the Bronx Zoo and, despite the deepest desire to pull in and say hello to our wildlife friends, we soldiered on choosing instead to reminisce about our numerous visits whilst planning the wedding. We were so lucky to be able to host our wedding at such a unique and personally meaningful venue, and love the fact that when we do return we will always have such fond memories.

I have provided much commentary about our experience working with the zoo and it was, overall, fantastic. I definitely think that, as this is a new event space, the staff is experiencing "growing pains," but I can honestly say that they were attentive and flexed their creative muscles to ensure that we had a day that reflected us.

On the day, we were so touched by the effort made by the the staff. First, because they also loved our awesome invitations, they borrowed the design graphic and used it to create the menus. Second, when we entered the the Schiff Hall we were blown away by the decor; they embraced our Halloween overtones and decked the place out accordingly - everything looked elegant and festive. Finally, when the ceremony concluded a member of the catering staff came up to the bridal suite bearing us giant cups filled with our Unity Cocktail beverage (*) as well as a sampling of all the appetizers; we can blissfully say that we did not miss out on a single food item we selected.

We look back at our experience and are so grateful for the staff at the zoo. Tim, Keira, and Katherine are creative, flexible, and fun people, dedicated not only to ensuring that you have a wonderful time at your event, but also in the effort to preserve wildlife. What more could we ask for?

* The Unity Cocktail has yet to be mentioned. Since several of our guests were following the blog, I kept certain "surprise" elements a secret. We mentioned this idea to Katherine months before the day, and she loved the idea. After weeks of sampling cocktails, Katherine was instrumental in narrowing down our options. The day before, we dropped in to taste several bourbon-based drinks before deciding on Chapel Hill:

1 1/2 oz. Bourbon
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
1 tbsp. Lemon Juice

It was light, fresh, delicious, and a wonderful way for us to incorporate our parents in the ceremony, plus it served as our Specialty Cocktail for our guests, making it a wonderful way to tie the ceremony into the cocktail hour.

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