Monday, December 13, 2010

I interrupt the lovefest for some needed bitching...

Okay, I'm going to divert my attentions from the wedding lovefest for a little needed bitching. It's currently 7.09am ET and I have slept poorly, so please forgive.

I generally avoid people like the plague. When one lives in NYC, as I do, one is chronically surrounded by...well, everyone. This being the case, I go out of my way to do most activities during off-peak hours. (Sadly, my M-F, 9-5 job precludes me from doing this all the time.)

Anyway, I slept terribly last night and still managed to rouse myself at 6am, so I could go downstairs *in peace* to do my laundry. At 6.15am, I manage to run into four of my neighbors. Three of whom are RETIRED. What the hell? Why can't you people stay tucked into your apartments until after rush hour? I mean, you have ALL DAY to do your laundry, recycle, grocery shop, holiday shop (I could go on), but NOOOOO, you feel the unbridled pull to do all of these chores when the rest of we office schleps are forced do ours.

Deep breaths - good thing it's Monday and I have another long week ahead of me.

Ebenezer "the Grinch" Scrooge

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