Sunday, November 21, 2010

High Voltage Sounds

Our DJ, Vinny from High Voltage Sounds, was recommended to us by some friends and we are so glad we took their advice, as we had a rockin' good time.

Prior to the event we were asked to provide a Music Request List and, as former musicians, we definitely went a little overboard, providing no less than four pages of popular and obscure tunes. Vinny unearthed most, producing one bizarre, yet awesome, set list! (We also encouraged our guests to suggest a song on their RSVP cards.)

I can't begin to tell you what it felt like to sit down and hear Ani DiFranco serenading me while I tucked into my dinner. This shocked me into the moment, thinking, "Wow! I love pumpkin ravioli and Leffe beer that Ani DiFranco?!?!" That is a distinct benefit of hosting one's own party - one gets what one pays for!

The rave review:
  1. Vinny knew this was a crew of dancing fools and made sure the songs were balanced between upbeats and ballads.

  2. Brilliantly, Vinny withholds the microphone from the masses, making certain that all requests to speak are cleared by the bride and groom. All drunken sentiments are pre-screened!

  3. The price is right! I contacted roughly four DJs and HV Sounds was, by far, the most reasonably priced. We may have had to go the extra mile by producing a song list, but wouldn't one want to do that anyway?! I can't imagine hosting a party where the dreadful Taylor Swift is booming over the airwaves. I don't tolerate whiny prepubescent warbling and nor should you.
The so-so review:
  1. Vinny is sometimes difficult to reach by phone, which is usually fine with me, as I prefer e-mail; however, I was a little perturbed when I scheduled a call a few days before the event and Vinny didn't pick up his phone. I left a voice mail message, which he didn't return, but ended up reaching him via e-mail.

  2. The entrance song we requested was "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King Soundtrack. Now, had the aforementioned conversation occurred, he would have realized that we specifically wanted the wailing Broadway version, but we ended up with the mellow Elton John version. When we picked the song, we laughed hysterically. At the wedding, however, we sighed disappointingly.

  3. Vinny usually arrives an hour before the event, but I think he and his partner got lost coming to the zoo (an easy thing, given the multiple entrances). As I walked through the hall during the cocktail hour, I absentmindedly murmured aloud, "Hmmm...where's the DJ?" Little did I know this simple comment launched my MOH, Best Man, and Event Coordinator into panic mode. All three were on cell phones faster than a monkey can fling poop. Luckily Vinny was unloading his stuff outside at the moment and all was right in the animal kingdom.
All-in-all, we had an awesome time and I recommend HV Sounds to anyone looking to kick off their heels and dance the night away!

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