Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sal & Dom's - Lovefest Review

I learned of Sal & Dom's Pastry Shop by way of the trusty Internet, but the glories of their pastries were well-supported by my Bronx-dwelling co-workers.

I can't say enough about Sal & Dom's - their treats are scrumptious and moderately priced, and Millie, who designed our elegant Halloween-themed cake, was so helpful and lovely.

I know we live in Queens, but I assure you that we will travel to Sal & Dom's for all our future cake needs!

The only sad part is that the majority of this gorgeous cake ended up being tossed down the garbage shoot this morning. It broke my heart, but it had to be done.

You see, we ordered a decorative cake to feed approximately 40 people and a sheet cake to be sliced for the rest. Well, the sheet cake must have been HUGE, as it fed all 75 guests. Subsequently the decorated cake (minus a single slice used for the cake cutting ceremony) was boxed up and given to us at night's end.

So, what does one do with an extraordinarily delicious 2-tiered cake? Well, we loaded up 4 tupperware containers and froze them, force-fed vast quantities to our Matron of Honor and Best Man, and then had roughly 4 slices for breakfast on the morning we departed on our honeymoon (which was, perhaps, not the wisest decision, but it's not like we had to fit into formal wear, so what the hell?).

Then, driven by Irish guilt and desperation, we put the rest of it in a sealed cake container. And then left on a 2-week honeymoon...

Well, this morning I walked into the kitchen and was bitch-slapped with the strangest odor...the cake had melted in the cake container. It oozed chocolate all over the table and took on the odor of fermenting apples. It was so sad, but clearly the time had come to throw out the cake. I dribbled it into a bag, scrubbed the container, and said a parting thank you to the cake that served us well.

Then I went to the gym and cursed it for making my gut jiggle like Santa's whilst running on the treadmill.

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