Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're ba-ack...

We got back from our honeymoon last night at 11pm ET. We proceeded to wake at 5am ET. Or was it 6am? Damn Daylight Saving (which, incidentally, we already experienced last week in Europe). I have no idea what time it is...

Anyway, we had a great time and, as I am hellaciously jet-lagged, I cannot muster the strength for humor; I can merely recall facts:
  • we drank a lot of beer
  • we took over 300 photos
  • in Glasgow I pet an owl (no, really, I PET an owl)
  • in Amsterdam we visited Dutch zoo animals
  • in Ghent, where torture was apparently a national pastime, we toured a medieval castle
It's a funny thing coming home after being away for 2 weeks. The simplicity of grabbing coins from one's pocket and rapidly knowing which value is applied to which is fantastically relaxing.
Moreover, there is a beauty knowing that one can leave one's home sans map and locate, well, everything. And, finally, television here is a revelation: outside of a BBC program (sorry, programme) Have I Got News For You and a show (name escapes me) featuring the sublime Noel Fielding, there was surprisingly little cheek. I need a hearty dose of sarcasm and irreverence to survive.

Speaking of, I just re-read my post from post-wedding and I must recant the bit about my hair, which I said looked "fine." Awesome Angie sent us some preview photos and, damn, that is some jacked-up hair. I could have done better if I just rolled out of bed and tacked it up myself. Further, the majority of photos show me with my semi-grown-out bangs dangling in my eye because they just aren't long enough to remain tucked behind my ear. Boots (my MOH) found a small bobby pin on the ground and we used it to pin them back for the ceremony.

That's right: I found a bobby pin on the ground at the zoo...and then stuck it in my own hair. Hey, that's how I roll. I didn't want to make a deal about the wedding and do a trial run for some hair, but now I completely see the benefit.

Pictures of the honeymoon to come...

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