Monday, October 25, 2010

Call theNYPD

So the wedding went off without a hitch!!

I was a little freaked out when the hair stylist admitted 3/4 of the way through the session that he is colorist and that the woman who usually does up-dos was on vacation. After 4 attempts at a French Twist, I told him just to pull it up and stick the awesome feather fascinator in it. He did, it was fine.

Then, after our first photo, I managed to leave my bouquet on a pillar - never to be seen again. The NYPD - I kid you not - was called in to look for it, but alas, it is gone forever. That is some bad mojo for whoever picked it up and didn't return it...

It was a great time and it has been described as "memorable" so I am happy.

We are packing for the honeymoon, so this will be unsatisfactory and was a great day, though - from the weather to the food to the company: we had a wonderful time!

More posts to come - there will be stories of Glasgow, Amsterdam, and Ghent! Wooooooot!!!!

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