Friday, October 22, 2010

Aleny's Prima Tailor & Dressmaker needs to wash her hands

As a follow-up: I just tried on my dress and there is a stain on the right breast (this is in addition to the stain I saw by the buttons last week and called to her attention). Unbelievable. It looks like makeup? I am trying not to blow a gasket, but I paid this woman $240 for minimal - and it would seem - careless work.

I am by no means a Bridezilla, but I cannot let this slide. Now I have to call and leave a message (she is not there at 4.39pm on a Friday) and alert her to her incompetence. I don't want to be mean, but she has to know that I am unhappy and disappointed. This is ivory silk taffeta, one would expect utmost care. There is nothing she (or I, for that matter) can do except hope that no one notices...or that I am so radiant the streak can't be seen.

This woman came so well reviewed online and she was so nice when she took my measurements...little did I know she was secretly Nosferatu.

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