Saturday, October 9, 2010

M&J Trimming

I have to confess: I have been blogging less frequently mainly because I am overwhelmed with planning, work, and life. However, my lack of postings is also owing to the fact that I generally access the link to the blog via our wedding website, which counts down the days until the wedding, which causes me to panic a little bit...we are at 14 days. That's 2 weeks.

Well, I got through the momentary panic long enough to give a shout-out to M&J Trimming. This place is nothing short of magical: buttons, beads, ribbons, lace — it's enough to make anyone positively girlie. I bought a few accessories that I may or may not use, but that's okay as the trip was so entertaining that it's worth the minimal cost.

I also relished a tiny bit in "being the bride." There was a trio of women there shopping for bridal details and they adopted me into their fold: the wedding tribe. Jenna, an artist, was very helpful and I am always grateful for a second opinion (especially from those so visually inclined).

Anyway, I'm off now. I have to visit the seamstress this morning. I'll leave the blog site up so to be sure to post consistently over the weekend...I have to tell all about my work bridal shower and will recap tonight's Haunted Pub Crawl event!

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