Friday, October 15, 2010

Stood Up

I am having the kind of week where I might punch someone in the throat. Day after day I am met with blatant incompetence, laziness, or indifference either from various contractors with whom I am dealing at work or from the various vendors I have contracted for this wedding.

Today, I was stood up for a fitting at the tailor's. You know, the one that charged me a $100 deposit. Now I have to go back to see her on Tuesday, 10/19 and she guarantees me that the work will be done on Wednesday, 10/20.

I am taking deep breaths before I have to continue with my work day. I am spending the remainder of my lunch hour (while scarfing down some stress-reducing, this-will-come-back-later-to-bite-me McDonald's) and venting on this blog. There is no need for an unsuspecting colleague to suffer the wrath - they didn't do anything wrong.

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