Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bus

Okay, so one of the last major pieces of the puzzle is renting a bus to transport 50 guests from Sunnyside, Queens to the Bronx Zoo. A challenge, I assure you.

I have contacted several transportation companies today and my favorite has to be from CitiVans. I call and speak to Jenny, who grapples with English and sounds as if she is under water. I explain what I am looking for:

2 buses that seat 24-28 people each to transport 50 passengers from Sunnyside, Queens to the Bronx Zoo on October 23rd from 3.30pm-11.30pm.

She emails me a quote for 2 buses: one on September 29th and one on October 23rd for one hour a piece. This woman is their sales representative?!

I am trying really hard to find the humor in this so that I might properly entertain my readers, but I can't. Today I have lost my sense of humor.

I then contact BusBank and the very helpful (and English-speaking native) Tony offers me a decent quote and kindly suggests that one large charter bus that seats 55 people is the best option. I have a couple of feelers out there, but Tony might be the winner.

With my luck I can envision two thirds of my guests hanging out at a hotel waiting for a bus that never shows. This will be my recurring nightmare as we lead up to the wedding. I just know it. May Tony save the day...

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