Sunday, September 19, 2010

Millie is a goddess!

So we went to the Bronx yesterday to meet with Millie of Sal & Dom's bakery. She, like their pastries, is heavenly.

First, there was absolutely no judgment when I said I don't want a traditional wedding cake; Millie didn't bat an eye when she saw the wedding cake topper. Instead, she quickly whipped up a pencil drawing of what she had in mind, which was awesome and totally on-theme.

Second, we tasted two fillings: Bavarian Cream and Chocolate Mousse, both of which were superb. I could have eaten a bowl of the Bavarian Cream. I need to take a moment now, close my eyes and relive the experience...

Third, her presence was just so calming - I felt completely and utterly relaxed speaking with her. She is the kind of person that makes you think, "Everything will be okay." Her adorable grand kids came in and, I swear, I was jealous of those children. I want Millie to be my grandma.

Finally, and this (hah) takes the cake: we bought 3 cake-lets and one mini cannoli for the trip for the absurdly reasonable sum $3!

Three dollars.

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