Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Giving a Concert ;)

In my quest to tick items off my Wedding To Do List, I have booked my hair and makeup appointment, as well as placed an order for flowers...only the vendors of these establishments do not know it is for my wedding. They think I am doing a concert on the Upper East Side.

I find it a supreme rip-off that make-up application costs $70; however, if it's WEDDING makeup, it costs $150. I'm sorry, what are they possibly going to achieve with the extra $80? Will I suddenly look like Giselle? I highly doubt it. Besides, I do not need the pomp and circumstance of Being The Bride. I am sure that makeup application is a lot easier when one doesn't feel obligated to drink champagne and have a photographer snapping photos.

I'm fairly confident the florist wouldn't pull the "wedding" fee on me, but I couldn't risk it.

This Saturday we go to Sal & Dom's bakery. Even though we do not plan on having a traditional wedding cake, I can't very well tell these folks it's a concert. Darn!

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