Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Non-Shower

As much as I appreciate that folks want to throw me a bridal shower, I simply cannot stomach the notion. Sitting around eating overly sweet cake while opening cookwear sounds like an atrocious way to spend an afternoon. So, I've decided to throw myself a non-shower!

In a nutshell, I will email all of my female guests this weekend and ask them to set aside 3 hours on October 2nd to do something THEY enjoy doing!

As much as I really do need a zester, I would rather they tell their significant other / family / employer, “Damn, I have to go to Danielle’s stupid bridal shower!” …and then sneak out to do something they like, guilt-free!

Besides, a toilet paper veil would not improve my appearance, or my mood.

Look at this poor soul (thanks, Google Images!)...

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