Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Death of Me

These invitations may be the death of me.

So far only one has been returned to sender, claiming insufficient postage; however, my brother informs me that his arrived with the same notice (although his kindly postal carrier stamped it "paid by carrier"). What a pile of nonsense - I bought a birthday card today from Papyrus that I swear weighs 5 pounds (replete with googly eyes and an alien spacecraft design) and I'm sure that will sail through. There is simply no way these demand more than the standard $0.44 postage.

Plus, doesn't the USPS appreciate that I wrote an entire term paper on the merits of stamps, positing that they serve as badges of identification for a country (similar to what a logo does for a corporation), thus perpetuating the brand of its country of origin? Ungrateful bastards.

I'm going to calm myself by researching autumn cocktails.

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